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DL2, DL3, DLHD, DLV Server will not boot when fixture is powered on


The server does not boot when power is applied to the fixture. 

Description/Explanation of Issue

The server should boot automatically when the fixture is plugged into power. If it does not boot and the display screen is powered off then follow the steps below.


  1. While the fixture is powered on, press and hold the top and bottom of the 6 menu buttons. After several seconds of holding the buttons you will hear a faint click, release the buttons and the sever should begin to boot.
  2. If the server fully boots then replace the BIOS battery on the motherboard.
  3. After replacing the battery access the BIOS: plug in a keyboard into one of the USB ports on the fixture's rear panel, boot the server and hit delete until the BIOS screen appears on the display.  Reset time and date.  Arrow over to the exit screen, press enter, select the load defaults option (wording will differ between motherboards), hit enter, confirm that you want to load the defaults and the server will re-boot.
  4. Test this fixture after booting by cycling power to the fixture 


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