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DLV is not responding to ArtNet


The DLV is not responding to ArtNet control.

Description/Explanation of Issue

This issue might occur due to the following reasons

  • DLV's output source is set to DMX
  • ArtNet subnet and universe in the console does not match the console's settings
  • IP address settings are wrong either on the console or on the fixture


  1. Make sure the DLV's output source is set to ArtNet not DMX
    1. Open the CMA and Navigate to the DLV you'd like to control
    2. Navigate to the "Server" tab
    3. Change the source to ArtNet
  2. Make sure the ArtNet subnet and universe is the same as the console's artnet output and universe
    1. Open the CMA and navigate to the DLV
    2. Navigate to "Art-Net & I/O"
    3. Confirm the ArtNet subnet and universe numbers
    4. Make the console match what is in the CM
  3. Make sure the console is in the right IP address range and had the proper subnet mask of the Axon
    1. If able to, put the router in the network to be the DHCP server. By default, the DLVs obtain an IP via DHCP. Set the console to obtain the IP address via DHCP for the network port that sends out ArtNet.
    2. If not able to put a DHCP server on the network:
      1. Put the console in the same IP range as the DLV. The DLV's IP can be found in the CMA
      2. Make sure the netmask is set the same. By default, it is a class B ( netmask

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