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Replace BIOS Battery in DL2, DL3, DLV, DLHD


Unit will only boot by holding down top and bottom menu buttons

Description/Explanation of Issue

This is due to a dead  BIOS battery


  1. To access the fixture’s media server, remove the top aluminum electronics-box cover on the display side of the electronics-box, and remove the display bezel.
  2. Remove the server from the fixture.
  3. Access the server’s mother-board by removing the media server’s enclosure lid.
  4. Find and locate the BIOS battery, located on the mother-board. NOTE: The BIOS Battery is a CR2032, and will be in different locations depending on the mother-board in the server.
  5. Remove the old BIOS battery.
  6. Replace with new CR2032 battery.
  7. Reassemble the media server enclosure.
  8. Re-install media server back into fixture. Make sure all connections to the media server are correct as the computer is installed back into the fixture.
  9. Install the display bezel on to electronics-box.
  10. Install the top aluminum electronics-box cover.
  11. Reload default BIOS settings in the following steps
  12. Connect a USB Keyboard to the fixture.
  13. Power ON the Fixture.
  14. When the media server is turned ON, repeatedly press the ‘DEL’ or ‘DELETE’ button on the USB Keyboard.  This will open the BIOS Settings.
  15. Using the Arrow Keys, go to the ‘Save and Exit’ Menu Option at the top.
  16. Confirm then go to the ‘Load Default’ and press ENTER.
  17. Go to Save and Exit then confirm again. 
  18. The server will not boot.
  19. To confirm this was succesful cycle power on the fixture and the server should boot without having to hold down the top and buttons menu buttons.
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