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Addressing HES Fixtures


Note-Icon.png Note: The procedures below assume the fixture is powered.

Alternatively, when the fixture is not powered, the display is powered by battery. Press and hold the (MODE/ESC) button for three seconds and turn to turn on the display using battery power.

The battery will hold charge for 7-10 days, to charge the battery make sure the fixture is powered and the battery will begin to charge automatically.

1.    Press the (MODE/ESC) button to display the main menu.

2.    Tap the (UP) or (DOWN) button until the “Address” option displays, then press (Enter). The display will show the Address menu with the current address (by default this is 001).

3.    Tap the (UP) or (DOWN) button to change the starting DMX Address number.

4.    Press (Enter) to confirm. The new address is set and the display returns to the main status screen. Alternatively press (MODE/ESC) to return to the main menu without saving the address change.


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