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Gluing Custom Colors to Color Wedge Mount


Custom colors that do not have the mount will need to have one installed in order to fit properly into the static color wheel. The color wedge mounts vary in size between products. If you are unsure which color wedge mount you need, please contact

Description/Explanation of Issue

How to correctly glue color filters to the color wedge mount.


  1. Use RTV 110 silicone as the adhesive 
  2. Apply RTV 110 to the highlighted area of the mount in the picture below. Ensure that no excess gets on the viewable area of the glass.mount area.JPG
  3. Once the wedge is in place apply a bead of RTV 110 along the line where the glass meets the mount in the highlighted area here:flag glued.JPG
  4. Allow the RTV 110 to cure for 24 hours before installing.
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