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Replacing a PCB on a SolaSeries Fixture


If a fixture is having issues with any of its normal functions and also shows a display error immediately after homing it is most likely a failed PCB or failed sensor/encoder.

Description/Explanation of Issue

When replacing a PCB the software of the PCB must match the software of the other PCB's within the fixture. If the software does not match then there can be internal communication issues within the fixture and it will not operate properly.


  1. Remove the original PCB by carefully disconnecting all connectors from the PCB and removing the 3 or 4 silver Philips screws holding it in place.
  2. Install the existing hardware to mount the new PCB and match all silk screened connectors with their corresponding silk screen on the PCB itself
  3. Once the connectors have been re-seated in the correct places, update software on the entire fixture to ensure all PCBs are running the same software
  4. See the how to upload software article here:
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