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Replacing Lonestar Lenses


New lenses being used in Lonestar cannot be combined with old lenses and vice versa.

Description/Explanation of Issue

Output, Focus and Zoom lenses marked with HY-Y must be replaced with the same lens version. See pictures below of how the HY-Y lenses can be identified.


  1. Use the appropriate part number when replacing a lens: 
  2. HY-Y Lens: 2550A4522 FOCUS HY VERSION, 2550A4520 OUTPUT HY VERSION, 2550A4521 ZOOM HY VERSION,
  3. Non HY-Y Lens: 2550A4016 FOCUS, 2550A4017 OUPUT, 2550A4018 ZOOM 
  4. clipboard_e4fc01316da5aedbee4e55dc439c0b55a.png  
  5. clipboard_e39bf9ed9dc1f3bd4d2a6a64e80ee995b.png
  6. clipboard_e1d0a0ceddc6de35e613f29bdfd1e340c.png
  7. Focus lens laser printing location change.PNG
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