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SolaFrame 3000 Homing Issue When Connected to Data


When the fixture is powered ON while connected to DMX, the motors remain de-energized and the screen sits on motor reset but the fixture does not complete its homing process. Once DMX is disconnected, the fixture begins its homing process and all motors engage correctly. 

Description/Explanation of Issue

There are three sources of data available to the SolaFrame 3000 (Internal Data, Ethernet and DMX). After updating to software version 1.3.14, there is a chance that the fixture pays attention to the wrong data source and blocks the homing process. This issue does not always occur after updating to 1.3.14. 


  1. If the issue occurs, reset the fixture defaults through the display menu of the fixture (Set > Reset Defaults > ON > Enter)
  2. The fixture will reset all factory settings to default settings (including address)

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