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SolaPix 19 Pan Slipping Position


When inverted, the yoke post for PAN is slipping and causes the fixture to home incorrectly and not return to the correct preset position following the homing sequence. Symptoms may also include a grinding noise.

Description/Explanation of Issue

While PAN losing position can be caused by a number of things (PCB, software, sensor, set screws on the pinion gear being loose, etc.) if all of these factors can be ruled out as suspect, there is a potential manufacturing issue in which the pan tube is missing the snap ring and spacer causing the yoke to grind on the pan gear and mis-step when hung upside down. 


  1. Snap ring and spacer will need to be installed into the fixture which should only be performed by a High End System's repair technician due to the involvement in removing the head of the fixture. 
  2. Please contact if you suspect your fixture has this issue. 

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