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Replace Broken Color Mix Flag in Solaspot 2000, Solaframe 2000


Unit has 1 or more broken color mix flags

Description/Explanation of Issue

Flag (s) will need to be replaced


1.      Engage pan and tilt locks then remove the cover on the tilt lock side of the head.               


2.      Disconnect harness and remove 2 mounting screws using #2 Phillips head screwdriver. Carefully slide out color mix module.


3.      Remove color wheel: Push belt on top of large gear then rotate to remove belt. Remove color wheel by gently pulling wheel up and off its shaft.


4.  Remove 10 screws using a #2 Phillips head


5. Carefully tilt color wheel plate to disconnect color wheel sensor and color wheel motor harnesses.


6.   Move the broken flag the center of module and move other flags to the outer part of module by rotating the appropriate gear.


7.  Remove 4 flag mounting screws using #1 Phillips head. If bottom flag needs to be replaced the top flag will need to be removed first.


8. Carefully remove broken flag and install new flag in reverse order.

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