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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Echo Software for Updating HES Fixtures and Managing User Content

You can use Echo software to convert, organize, and transport user content to SHOWPIX and StudioPix fixtures as well as upload content and fixture firmware to other HES fixtures on a DMX link.

Echo software communicates with fixtures using a USB Upload Module or a Wholehog single USB DMX widget.

Note: Echo is not compatible with the Wholehog USB Super Widget.

Echo Software Manual [PDF]

Software Downloads

Version (click for release notes) Release Date Download Link
v1.4.4 December 17, 2015 Download here [Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10]
v1.4.3 November 14, 2011 Download here [Windows XP/Vista/7]
v1.4.2 August 18, 2011 Download here [Windows XP/Vista]
v1.4.1 October 22, 2009 Download here [Windows XP/Vista]
v1.3 May 5, 2009 Download here [Windows XP/Vista]
v1.2 February 25, 2009 Download here [Windows XP/Vista]
v1.1 October 2, 2008 Download here [Windows XP/Vista]



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