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How to Configure Syrcadia and RAYN Camera to control the lights during image taking

The RAYN camera produces multi-spectral images by lighting up the target surface with specific colored light.

This light is originated from the camera itself.

It is important that there is no other light hitting the target area of the camera during this image taking.

If the light is controlled by the RAYN Syrcadia Software (either on a PC or running on an embedded RAYN Touch), it is possible that the camera and Syrcadia communicate with each other to control the lights during image taking. The communications protocol used is MQTT.

In order to get this working, an MQTT broker needs to be running and both the camera and Syrcadia need to be connected to this broker (details see here:  How to configure the MQTT Broker to allow external (other Computers / Devices / Sensors) access


In order to configure Syrcadia to receive commands from the camera, enter a MQTT link in the configured zone and make sure it is unique:
Camra example 1.png

Enter something like Cam1


This is the same topic that needs to be entered in the camera MQTT configuration page for both Pre-command and Post-command.

See example below.

// Insert image from Camera Web Browser (Old text, can be deleted)

In the Camera MQTT configuration page, payload before image, add: { "action": "playOverride", "overrideName": "All Off" , "fadeTime":0 }

In the Camera MQTT configuration page, payload before image, add: { "action": "resumeScheduler", "fadeTime": 5 }

Camera example 2.png

Using a Software MQTT Explorer or similar will be helpful with troubleshooting as it allows to see what messages get to the broker.

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