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RAYN Touch Remote Control

Remote control

You can control RAYN Syrcadia from a web browser on a device connected to the same network. It allows you to set a Pin # for View only and one for full control. You can use the QR code and a smartphone on a Wi-Fi network connected to your RAYN control network to access the web utility.

Explanation of use

In system settings preference there are some settings for remote control:

  • A check box to use codes for login
  • A pin code for View only
  • A pin code for Full access
  • A QR code that you can use to bring up the web utility

For smartphones: RAYN Touch needs to be on a network with Wi-Fi Access. The device you are connecting needs to be connected to that access point. Then use the QR code on the Setting/Remote page in RAYN Touch.

For Computer: computer connected to RAYN Touch on a Network with its IP in the same subnet as the RAYN Touch. The PC IP settings based on the default IP of RAYN Touch are below:

  • Un-click obtain IP address automatically.
  • IP: 192.168.X.X (where x = number between 1 - 254) - Computer's IP needs ot be different than RAYN Touch's IP.
  • Subnet Mask:
  • Default gateway (leave blank)

Open Browser and enter RAYN Touch IP address: 192.168.x.x:8080

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