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Setting up an Alina System


Here are some tips in setting up an Alina System.

Setting up a numbering Schema

In order to control the lights in a meaningful fashion, it is important to define and understand which light is (physically) where.
Having a logical numbering scheme will help tremendously:


Start with the Addressing:

  • You most likely have some kind of “plan view” layout of your grow-bed lights
  • All these lights now should get some “logical” numbering scheme so that they can be easily found later and are not random “all over the place”
  • For example: On “a piece of paper” (or the electronic equivalent) start on the top left of the plan view and call that light device #1 and DMX Adddress 11, go to the light on the right, and call that #2, DMX Address 21 and so on and so forth.
    (Or basically employ some kind of numbering scheme/order that makes sense to you)

Alina setup 1.png

Note: The DMX address usually start fixture 1 at 1, then fixture 2 could be at 10, fixture 3 at 19. 
I like to start them 11 so that the fixture # matches the Address, fixture 1 at 11, then fixture 2 would be at 21, fixture 3 at 31.  fixture 10 at 101.
It really does not matter much and it is merely a convenience.

Once you have that document as a plan view, move over to the RAYNTouch.

  • Assuming you are starting from scratch.
  • If everything is connected, go to the setting menu by touching the gear on the left hand side of screen.
  • In the file menu, save any work you may already have done.
  • In the file menu, click the “NEW” button (CAUTION: everything will be cleared). Click Ok to confirm.

Alina setup 2.png


  • Go to the Set-Up / Preferences tab and turn on “Device Detection (RDM)” indicated by orange  box.

Alina setup 3.png


  • Go back to the “Lighting Tab” and all lights online should become visible here
  • Most likely they are in a “random” order and a lot of DMX numbers may be shown in red (meaning they have conflicting or the same DMX addresses)
  • To figure out “which light is where”, select one light and press the “identify” button
  • The selected light should start to blink
  • Identify the matching light on your paper plan and in RAYN-Touch enter the respective device and DMX numbers and select the correct Zone for that light
  • Repeat until all lights are identified and there are no more “red” DMX numbers.
  • Go back to the Preferences Tab and turn of “Device Discovery (RDM)”.

Alina setup 4.png

You have now properly configured your lighting system.


Now you can start recording spectrums, Day plans and crop plans.

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