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RAYN 0-10 using Inventronics DMX RDM to 0-10V Converter


Inventronics has a nifty DMX RDM to 0-10V Converter (DS-CNV-DMXR) 

It uses the Aux power from the Inventronics driver to take a DMX source and drive a 0-10V signal

Having said all this,

If you are using one Inventronics DMX RDM to 0-10V Converter per fixture this works great and is the plan.

If you are trying to be clever using one Inventronics DMX RDM to 0-10V Converter for multiple fixtures you can only connect the power from One driver, if you connect the power from 2 or more, it will not work correctly and you could do damage to the drivers. See explanation below.


Description/Explanation of Issue

Our current path is that all of the DMX adapters are connectorized plugging directly in the correct ballast. Up to now there is no plan to have this DMX adapter feed multiple lights, since it would require a wiring infrastructure as described below.

If on the other hand there is only one 0-10V Inventronics DMX interface feeding multiple ballasts, it needs to be wired up as you describe below. Only feed the ballast power from one driver but connect all the 0V and inputs in parallel.

If you were using anther type 0-10v control ether gang multiple fixtures or individually, you would not connect the Inventronics 12v Aux line at all. If you connect the +12vdc lines together you may see one or several drives stop outputting.



  • Not all Inventronic drivers supply 12V output (if you have one that does not supply +12Vdc, the DMX adapter needs to be fed from another power source.
  • Not all Inventronics drivers are capable for “dim to off” = even if you short DIM- and DIM+ the light stays on at around 10%.
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