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Setting the DMX Address/Accessing UI on ROSA 3

The user interface is located behind the removable panel on the end of the luminaire.

Access the user interface to set the DMX start address of the luminaire. After five seconds of inactivity when DMX is present, the display turns off. The display will blink the DMX address when no DMX is present. The DMX start address of the luminaire can also be set remotely via RDM using the RAYN Touch lighting controller. See the RAYN Touch Controller User Manual or online help system within the software for details.

Setting the DMX Address

1. Press any button to wake the display. The display shows the current DMX address (001 by default).

2. Use the increment and decrement buttons to set the DMX address for the luminaire. Set each luminaire to a unique address for independent control.

Rosa 300 luminaires utilize 17 channels of control.





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