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Echo Timeclock Holds


A Hold can be triggered to override a scheduled event, preset, or sequence during normal operation. When a Hold is active, regularly scheduled events are ignored.

When an active Hold is cleared, the Echo Timeclock looks back to identify the timed event in the most recent past and plays that event.  This serves to put the space in the correct state for the current time.  

Holds are specific to Echo Spaces.  You can have different holds applied to different Spaces simultaneously.  

Hold Types

There are three(3) types of holds that can be placed on an Echo Timed Event: Auto Timed Hold, Timed Hold, and Indefinite Hold.  

  • Auto Timed Hold
    • An Auto Timed Hold occurs when a scheduled event is interrupted by manually triggering a preset or sequence. This could be done via a button station, action from the EchoAccess Mobile App, Occupancy/Vacancy and Light sensors, or from EchoTouch.  When an Auto Timed Hold is initiated, it will begin a countdown, based on the Timeclock setting 'Hold Time'.  When this time expires, the Timed Hold will clear and the Timeclock will follow the steps above for when an active Hold is cleared. Individual Scheduled Events in the Timeclock can be told to ignore this timing and play at their programmed time regardless of a Manual action.  For this functionality, set the event's setting to 'Auto Timed Hold: No'.
  • Timed Hold
    • This is similar to an Auto Timed Hold, but instead of automatically being activated by a manual preset or sequence event, this hold is placed manually at the Timeclock.  This is useful for when you need to place a hold on all timed events, but cannot make a manual preset event change at the time.  This type of Hold uses the same time setting as the Auto Timed Hold.
  • Indefinite Hold
    • This is a hold that is intentionally placed from the Timeclock and will remain active until manually cleared or the Timeclock is reset/power cycled.  

Additional Notes

Timed Holds are specific to Echo Spaces.  A Timed Hold can be placed on one Space while events in a different space continue to fire as programmed.

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