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CEM+ Fan Issues

Fan Not Working


No output from the CEM+
The fan in the Sensor rack is not functioning

Explanation of Issue

This can be caused by several issues

  • If the rack is very dusty, then fan may have seized due to dust accumulation
  • The fan has failed
  • The fan fuse on the CEM+ has blown (always check)

The CEM+ will not output if airflow is minimal or non-existent. This is to prevent damage to the CEM+ and modules


Check the fuse on the CEM+ first before any fan work is done. With the CEM+ unpowered, check the fuse located at F3 on the power board. The spare fuse is located to the right at F4

CEM+ Power Board_Fan Fuse.jpg

If the fuse is blown, replace using the onboard spare located at F4. The fuse is rated at 5A. Do not use any fuse of higher current rating
ETC Part Number: F127-F

If the new fuse blows, that would suggest issues with the fan itself

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