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Halcyon Magnetic Encoder Calibration


Halcyon fixtures display a pan/tilt coarse error while used in Magnetic Encoder mode.


If the fixture is used in Magnetic Encoder mode sometimes you may need to recalibrate the encoders. One can switch between Magnetic (Default)  and Photo Electric in the fixture menu under Settings > Encoder Select. Magnetic Encoder mode is also called Whisper Home, the terms are synonymous.  If you switch between encoder modes after programming you will need to update your position pallets since they will change.



To calibrate your fixtures in Magnetic Encoder mode:

-Place fixture on its feet on a level floor, concrete is best to prevent any movement while calibrating

-Apply DMX so the fixture points straight up

-Navigate: Main Menu → Test/Home → MagnEncoder P/T 50%50% Set

The PanTilt should be adjusted to 50/50. We recommend using a ruler to make sure it is square with the electronic housing. This step is important to ensure Pan and Tilt calibrate correctly.

-Then back out of the menu and select “Yes”.

-The fixture will automatically start the “MagnEncoder AutoCalibrate” process. If the fixture is bumped or has recoil from an uneven surface it will cause incorrect calibration.

- Once complete test Pan/Tilt and check Encoder values in the Diagnostics screen

**Photoelectric calibration values are stored on the Display PCB, and magnetic calibration values are stored on the 2U PCB. If you replace either of these PCBs, you must recalibrate the fixture.

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