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How To Upgrade Firmware On A Mosaic Controller (Version 2 Only)

To upgrade/downgrade Mosaic controllers between version 1 and version 2 use the Mosaic Firmware Upgrade Tool. 


There are a variety of ways to upgrade firmware on a Mosaic controller. Below methods include: MosaicDesigner 2, the Mosaic Recovery Tool, and using the web interface.

Using MosaicDesigner 2 is the recommended method of updating firmware on your controller. Using the web interface is the LEAST recommended, as users updating via a VPN may encounter issues if they cannot manually reboot the controller on site. 

MosaicDesigner 2

Using the Network tab, firmware may be uploaded to online controllers. After selecting the controller you wish to update, click on the "Reload Firmware" button located in the banner above the online device.


Mosaic Recovery Tool

Navigate to the Mosaic Recovery Tool on your computer via Programs. The first window of the Mosaic Recovery Tool requires the user to select a Mosaic controller. Please read the instructions carefully on how to recover your selected controller. 

This process involves the removal/insertion of the SD card inside the Mosaic controller so physical access to this hardware is mandatory.

mosaic_recovery_tool.JPG   msr.JPG

Web Interface

While this method is the least preferable, sometimes it is necessary to update firmware using the controller's web interface. Access the web interface from the MosaicDesigner 2 Network tab or by typing the IP address of the controller into a URL bar.

Navigate to the Configuration tab to access the "Reload Firmware" button. You will need to navigate to the firmware file on your computer. Follow the instructions laid out in the Mosaic Recovery Tool for guidance on where to access the appropriate firmware file.




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