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AAS Panic and Work Light Stations

Panic station.png

Panic station may have either a push button switch or a keyswitch. For push button stations, press [Panic] to switch panic channel on.  

For keyswitch stations, insert key and turn one quarter turn and back to original position. Panic channel switches to full intensity immediately (fade time is always 0:00 seconds). To switch panic channel off, press [Panic] or turn panic key at any panic station. Panic station LED is amber when panic channel is not active; LED is green when panic is active.

Work light station

To switch work light channel on, press [Work light]. Channel fades to full intensity over fade time set for analog channels. To fade out work light channel, press [Work light] at any work light station. Work light station LED is amber when channel is not active; LED is green when it is active.

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