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Setting the Console Mode on an AAS (Analog Address System)

  1. Locate the Analog address processor unit and remove the right panel.  
  2. Find the processor keypad.

Selecting console pile-on or disable mode:

If you have a lighting control console wired into the Analog Address system, you can choose whether or not the console can control dimmers included in analog channels.  Two console control options are available: pile-on and disable.

Selecting pile-on will enable the console to control all dimmers included in Analog Address channels; the highest level between the console and Analog Address Processor establishes active levels (HTP).

Selecting disable will not allow the console to control any dimmers included in analog or panic channels.  The console can still control dimmers included in only the work light channel. 

To select console control mode, follow these steps:

  1. Press [Exit] to display menu.
  2. Scroll through menu options on LCD using Dimmer [Up] and [Down] until Console appears.
  3. Press [Enter] to display the Console mode screen.
  4. Press Edit [Up] and [Down] to select pile-on or disable.
  5. Press [Exit] to save selection and return to menu.


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