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Garibaldi Pro Does Not Run or Load Upon Install


Some people have reported that Garibaldi Pro fails to fully load or initialize when first installing on a computer. This may manifest a few different ways, most commonly as:

  • the program not opening at all
  • opening to a blank window with an hourglass loading icon
  • opening to load project/start new project window but remaining unresponsive

Description/Explanation of Issue

This usually occurs when another device or program is using a COM port and interfering with Garibaldi. It can also be an issue with a Bluetooth serial interface.


  1. Close Garibaldi or use Task Manager to close the program
  2. Open Device Manager
  3. Expand the 'Ports (COM & LPT)' section
  4. Review the listed items to find the one(s) that could be Interfering
  5. Right click on the item and click 'disable device'
  6. Re-launch Garibaldi Pro
  7. If the above does not work, try deactivating Bluetooth from your computer's settings.

If this does not resolve the issue, contact ETC Technical Services.

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