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How to Perform Range Confirmation Test for Echoflex Sensors


How can I verify the signal strength between my Echoflex sensor and its linked controller?


The Range Confirmation Test is available for both occupancy/vacancy and light sensors. This test will measure the signal strength between the sensor and its linked controller.

Not all controllers support the Range Confirmation Test.  Please consult the datasheet of the controller you are trying to use to see if it lists compatibility.


Things to note before performing this test:

  • The sensor must be linked to only one controller at the time of the test.

  • All wireless signal repeaters must be disabled for the duration of this test. 

  • Any sensor must be at full charge and/or have its battery installed before running this test.


  1. Step 1: Prepare the site for configuration:
    1.  The circuit you are configuring must be powered on.
    2.  You will need direct access to the sensor [Teach] button.
  2. Step 2: Press and hold the [Teach] button for 6 seconds. A green LED will blink to indicate you are in the tests menu.
  3. Step 3: Press and release the sensor [Teach] button once again, the LED color will change to amber OR blue depending on the sensor (reference your installation guides as needed)
  4. Step 4: Press and hold the [Teach] button for 6 seconds to execute the range test. All three LED’s (red, green and amber/blue) will blink for 1 second, followed by the sensor indicating the linked controller signal strength status for 2.5 seconds. Reference the table below for indication of the signal strength.
  5. Step 5: This test will repeat every 4 seconds and expire after 50 seconds or you can press and hold the [Teach] button for 6 seconds to exit Range Confirmation Test mode.

     Echoflex Range Confirm Test.JPG




Video Walkthrough


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