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How to Perform Walk Test Mode for Echoflex Occupancy Sensors


How can I verify my Echoflex occupancy sensor is detecting occupancy for the appropriate area.


Echoflex occupancy sensors support a walk test mode in which a red LED blinks each time motion is detected.  


  1. Press and hold the [Teach] or [Test] button for 6 seconds to enter the tests menu. A GREEN LED will begin to blink.
  2. Tap the [Teach] or [Test] button until the RED LED blinks. This is the walk test option.
  3. Press and hold the [Teach] or [Test] button for 6 seconds to activate the walk test.
  4. The red LED will blink each time it detects motion in this mode. Walk around the space to ensure it detects where needed, and move the sensor as needed.
  5. The walk test will automatically expire after 100 seconds or you can exit the test by pressing and holding the [Teach] or [Test] button for 10 seconds.

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