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Echoflex ERM-DA Active Circuit Transmitter Operation

Main features of the ERM-DA

  • Circuit state telegrams (trigger linked power controllers based on power state of circuit the ERM-DA is powered by)
  • Telegram repeating (repeat telegrams to allow for extended wireless range)


Understanding the Circuit State Telegram Feature

While the ERM-DA is receiving power it will transmit an occupied telegram every 100 seconds. All linked power controllers will fire their occupied event when they receive the occupied telegram.

When the ERM-DA loses power it will no longer transmit the occupied telegram. Once the linked power controllers no longer receive the occupied telegram from the ERM-DA a timer will count down within the power controller locally. Once the timer expires, the linked power controllers will fire their unoccupied event (provided they were setup to do so).

To enable circuit state telegrams:

  • press status button once
  • green status LED on unit will illuminate

To disable circuit state telegrams:

  • press status button twice within 5 seconds
  • green status LED on unit will de-illuminate

This feature is currently enabled by default. When the ERM-DA was originally developed, the feature was not enabled by default, as you had to link a controller first. This was changed at an unknown point in time, but likely sometime before 2018.


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