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Echoflex MBI Station is not working


There are several conditions that could result in an MBI failing to operate properly.

  1. Over-torquing the mounting screws when mounting over a wall junction box or mud-ring. The cavity behind the wall station allows the back housing to flex especially if a screw gun is used to mount the MBI. It is very easy to over-torque the mounting screws using a screw gun. This flexing causes the front housing to become unseated with the back housing which also loosens the battery from the battery terminals, see image below.
IMG_4896 10pct.jpg
  1. Remove the station from the box and reseat the dislodged clips insuring there are no gaps between the front and back housings.
  2. Open the battery tray and reseat the battery, close tray.
  3. Install the 8188A3005 * support plate with the MBI station when remounting to the box using a handheld screwdriver. This support plate is included with all MBI stations as of June 2020

* Contact Echoflex Solutions to receive the back plate

  1. Battery is dead or weak. In this condition, usually, the station will still have battery power but not enough to power the stations radio. You will see a red LED flash in the upper left hole when pressing any of the stations buttons.
    1. Replace the battery with a name brand CR2032 battery. The + side of the battery goes down, inside the tray. When you insert the fresh battery, the green, amber and red LED's should cycle three times, one at a time.
  2. Battery Tab is bent. The battery tray has a dog-leg metal tab. If this tab gets flattened it will not come into contact with the PCB and the station will not operate. The tray design has been adjusted to prevent the tab from getting flattened so this failure should only occur on early units.
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