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Echoflex Stations with batteries


Which Echoflex control products need a battery or have a battery option? What battery do these products use?


Many Echoflex Sensors support an optional battery power source in addition to their primary solar power source, and a few control products require batteries. A full chart of equipment that can or needs to use a battery is below. While you can purchase these batteries via your ETC dealer, you can also find any of these batteries at your local hardware store.

Equipment Optional Battery Required Battery Battery Type
KSS-UW Keycard Switch   X CR2032
MBI Multi-Button Interface Switch Station   X CR2032
MC-31 Window Door Switch   X CR2032
MOS-DT Motion Occ/Vac Sensor Dual Tech X   CR2032
MOS-IR-A Motion Occ/Vac Sensor PIR 1000sqft X   CR2032
MOS-IR-B Motion Occ/Vac Sensor PIR 1900sqft X   CR2032
MOS-IR-C Motion Occ/Vac Sensor PIR 6300sqft   X CR2032
MOS-MT IoT Sensor X   CR2032
OWS-BTY Wall Switch Sensor w/ Battery (PIR and Dual-Tech)**   X 2x AA Energizer Lithium
RCS Occupancy Sensor (PIR and Dual-Tech)   X CR1632
ROS Resonate Occupancy Sensor X   CR2032
RVS Vacancy Sensor (PIR and Dual-Tech) X   CR1632
TAP-21 Light/Photo Sensor X   CR2032
TAP-31 Light/Photo Sensor X   CR1632
TAP-41 Light/Photo Sensor X   CR1632
WTC Wireless Time Clock   x CR2032

**Note regarding the OWS-BTY: this is the battery-powered variant of this equipment. There is another variant that uses line voltage, but it is a different piece of physical hardware.


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