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Echo Devices Space and Addressing Explained


  • When I install my Echo Stations, what is the Address setting?
  • When I view my Echo Device in the EchoAccess Mobile App Configuration Menu, they all have a Space and Address assigned. What is this number? Can it be changed?

Description/Explanation of Issue

All Echo Devices have a Space and Address assignment. A Space can be a physical division of an area, or a logical way of dividing control. There are 16 available Spaces in an Echo system, and each Space may have up to 16 control stations (button stations, sensors, etc) and 16 output controllers (zone controllers, panels, DMX Scene Controller, etc).

When an Echo Device sends a message, anything with a matching Space assignment will listen and react to that message; anything with a different Space assignment will ignore the message.

Within each Space, each unit must have a unique Address. The Address assignment is how the system knows what device is sending what command. Every Address within the same Space assignment must be unique, as duplicate Addresses in the same Space will cause communication issues. Some devices, like the EchoAccess Mobile App and the Echo TimeClock, are capapable of communication with devices across multiple spaces. One does not need to explicitly set a space number for these devices.

Every Echo Device is assigned an Address. However, only the Echo Stations (Preset/Inspire Stations, Responsive Controls, Contact Input Interface, etc.) must be manually assigned an address via the Address wheel. These devices must be manually assigned an Address 1-16. All other Echo devices are auto-assigned a unique address above 16. These Address assignments are not changeable by the user. Please see the table below for information on which devices are assigned which Addresses.

Device Address Note
Echo Control Stations
Responsive Controls
Echo Contact Input Interface
unique Address 1-16 Manually assigned by the user
Echo Power Controllers
DMX Scene Controller
Echo Contact Output Interface
Echo-Echoflex Interface
unique Address 17-32 Automatically assigned
(Auto Arbitrating)
Echo TimeClock unique Address 99 Automatically Assigned
Only one should be used in an Echo system
EchoAccess Bluetooth Interface unique Address 101-116 Automatically assigned
(Auto Arbitrating)
Echo Expansion Bridge unique Address 117 Automatically Assigned
Only one should be used in an Echo system

The EchoAccess Mobile App can be used to see the Space and Address assignments of devices on the Echo bus. The App displays a red “!” when it detects that multiple devices have the same Space and Address assignments. The Address settings cannot be changed from the App – that must be done on the devices themselves.


If you have any questions or concerns about the above information, please contact ETC Technical Services.


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