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Parts of an Echo System

An Echo System consists of 3 necessary elements:

  • Echo Power Supply
    • Supplies power and communication for Echo bus
    • Note: each Echo system can only have ONE Echo power supply
  • Echo Output Products
    • Unit that powers a circuit or circuits and stores level data such as what level the circuit should be for preset 1.
    • Ex: relay controllers, phase adaptive dimmers, Echo room controllers
  • Echo Control Products
    • Unit that tells the output products what to do, such as telling them what preset to go to.
    • Ex: button stations, occupancy sensors, light sensors


An Echo System has 16 spaces and supports up to 16U, or 16 Output Products and 16 Control Products, across those spaces.

  • Note: how many Us an Echo system supports depends on the power supply (see info guide link).


You can put all 16 output and control products in one space or across multiple spaces as needed.

  • Correct setup: 16 button stations and 16 relay controllers all in space 1.
  • Correct setup: 6 button stations and 6 relay controllers in space 1, 10 button stations and 10 relay controllers in space 2.
  • Incorrect setup: 10 button stations and 10 relay controllers in space 1, 10 button stations and 10 relay controllers in space 2.
    • In this setup, you have exceeded the 16U limit by using 20 outputs and 20 controls.


For more information about these pieces and their relationships, reference the Unison Echo Products Quick Info Guide

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