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Echo System Overview and Limits


This article gives a simple overview of Echo system limits that must be respected to achieve a working Echo system. See also the additional articles linked at the end of this one.

EchoConnect Bus Limits

Hosts limit 16
Station limit 16
Bus length (via Belden 8471) 500m (1640ft)
Bus length (via CAT5E) 304.8m (1000ft)


Echo Output Products

  Feeder power
Bus power (Hosts) Bus power (Stations) Station limit Presets Spaces DMX (In/Out/Thru) sACN Power modules Dali 0-10v Contacts
Echo Architectural Control Processor (E-ACP) 240vAC Via DRd or ERn Rack 16
(with E-SPM-A; see below)
(with E-SPM-A; see below)
16 64 16 1/0/1 Optional interface card 6 or 12 Sensor modules via DRd 24 Broadcast loops (Option card1) 24 400mA sink ciruits (Option card1) 1 Panic
EchoDIN Power Control Processor (PCP-DIN)  24vDC 6 6 16 16 8 1/0/1 Optional interface card 12 EchoDIN modules 24 Broadcast loops (Option card2) 24 400mA sink ciruits (Option card2) 1 Panic 24 dry inputs (Option card2)
Echo DMX Scene Controller 24vDC 0 0 16 32 16 1/1/0 No No No No No
Sensor CEM3 SR Enclosure 6 6 16 128 16 2/0/2 Yes Sensor modules No No 1 Panic
EchoTouch 24vDC or POE 0 0 N/A 64 1
(Exists in a single Space, but communicates over 16 Spaces)
0/1/0 Yes No No No No

1One option card per processor (DRd Only)

2Two option cards per processor

External Bus Power Supplies

  Buspower (Hosts) Bus power (Stations) Notes
Echo Station Power Module (E-SPM-A) 16 16 Requires DRd or ERn rack
Echo Wall Mount Station Power Supply (E-SPM-WM)  16 16 Wall mount
(Discontinued February 2020)
Echo Rack-Mount Station Power Module (E-SPM-RM) 16 16 2u 19" Rack mounted
(Discontinued February 2020)
Echo Distributed Station Power Supply (E-SPS) 6 6 Mounts via 1/2" (13mm) knockout
Echo DIN Rail Power Supply (E-SPS-DIN) (7186A1212) 16 16 Includes 24vDC PSU
E-SPS-DIN with 8" DINrail Enclosure (7186K1212) 16 16 Includes 24vDC PSU
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