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EchoTouch Powered via 24VDC will not Boot


EchoTouch will not boot fully.  It restarts when it reaches a certain point in the boot up process (boot looping), or does not boot up at all.


This is most likely due to the power amperage being too low.  The EchoTouch Controller uses 24VDC for power but requires 750mA.  The 24VDC Aux supply must be able to meet or exceed this draw.  Any of the ETC supplied Aux Supplies will be able to handle with with the exception of the E-APS. 

The E-APS only supplies up to 160mA of 24VDC and is not capable of powering the EchoTouch.


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If the power supply is properly rated for the mA draw required by the EchoTouch Controller, but you are still having issues with boot looping, please see the link below.

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