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How to Force Firmware on an Echo Power Control Processor


The Echo Control Processor in my ERP/ERP-FT/Sensor IQ is not responding to commands. It will not boot past the "Echo" splash screen. How do I reload firmware without using the File Operations menu? 

Important-Icon.png CAUTION: Following this procedure to load firmware will most likely erase the configuration.  Please only follow this procedure if no other option is available.


  1. Obtain a copy of the appropriate firmware for your system from your Local ETC Authorized Dealer or by contacting ETC Technical Services, referencing this support post.
  2. Download the provided Echo Power Control Processor firmware onto a FAT32 formatted USB stick. Do not put it into any folders on your drive.
  3. Insert USB stick into the Echo Power Control Processor.
  4. While rebooting the processor, hold the Back Arrow and the Check Mark buttons.
  5. Firmware will now be forced onto the Echo Power Control Processor.
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