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Echo Inspire Control Station Buttons Stick Down


My Echo Inspire Station buttons get stuck down and do not have good action.

Description/Explanation of Issue

Echo Inspire Stations (E1001, E1002, E1004, E1008, E1104) have a wall plate that secures to the station with built-in magnets; a plastic bezel that holds plastic button lenses, and screws that hold station into the Back Box.  When installed correctly, the buttons should freely move and should not feel sticky.


Some common ways that buttons can be sticky are:

  • The screws that hold the station in the Back Box are over tightened
    • If screws are over tightened, button activation can be negatively impacted.
  • Wall plate installed at an angle
  • Button lens installed backwards or upside down
    • Lens should be slid on from outside toward the middle, starting at the hinge
    • The lens will cover the entire button and click into place

Please see the Inspire Station Installation Guide for additional details.

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