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Echo Light Sensor Set to No Function still changing the Lights


I have an Echo Light Sensor that is set to "No Function" in custom mode, but it is still changing the lights.  


In Echo Light Sensor firmware v3.1.0, there is a bug that causes this behavior.  It seems to only be an issue if the sensor is in Dimming mode with "No Function" set.  Switched Mode seems to work correctly. This is was solved in Echo Light Sensor firmware v3.1.1.  The version of firmware can be identified by the label on the back of the light sensor.


There is no way to update the firmware on the Echo Light Sensor. To solve see steps below.

  1. Confirm stations is in Custom Mode (Dipswitch 2 on back in up position.
  2. If still having issue, use EchoAccess to set the Light Sensor to Switched.
  3. Can also replace it with a new Echo Light Sensor.
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