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Echo Responsive Controls Grace Period Explained


What is the Grace Period on the Echo Occupancy or Vacancy sensors?

How does the Echo Occupancy or Vacancy Sensor Grace Period work?

When the lights restore from the Grace Period, I get a strange combination of levels.

Description/Explanation of Issue

The Echo Occupancy Sensors and Vacancy Sensors, both PIR and Dual Tech, feature a 30 second grace period after a vacancy timeout occurs to help prevent false vacancy detection.  During this grace period, if the sensor detects occupancy, it will restore lighting in the space.  Depending on software version of the Power control equipment in that space, the sensor will restore the previous lighting condition or Preset 1.  Please see the table below for an explanation.

Versions That Restore Previous Lighting Conditions
Echo Relay Panel, Echo Relay Feedthrough Panel, Sensor IQ (E-PCP) v3.
Sensor3 Racks v1.
Echo Zone Controllers v2.
Echo Architectural Control Processor (E-ACP) v2.0.0.95

If any of your Echo Power Controls are running the above versions of software or higher, they will restore the previous lighting conditions.  However, if the software version is below what is seen in the above table, that power controller will restore to its recorded level(s) for Preset 1.  In a mixed software system, this can result in an unexpected lighting look, a combination of preset 1 and the previous lighting condition. If you are seeing this unexpected lighting look, try these potential solutions.


  1. For Echo Relay Panel/ERP-FT/Sensor IQ, upgrade the software to v3. or higher.
  2. For Sensor3 racks, upgrade the software to v1. or higher.
  3. For Echo Architectural Control Processor, upgrade to v2.0.0.95 or higher.
    1. This only applies to the first generation of Echo Room Controller.  The Echo Room Controller-Gen 2 will restore the previous lighting conditions.
    2. To view the current software version of the Echo Room Controller, use the EchoAccess Mobile App. 
  4. For Echo Zone Controllers, all Gen 2 units will restore the previous Lighting Condition.

NOTE: All unlisted Echo Output Products will restore the previous lighting condition at any version. 

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