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Changing Zone Type in EchoAccess to Access Color Wheel or Color Temp Options


Zones are patched in Echo DMX Scene Controller via the configuration portion of EchoAccess with color or color temperature parameters, but there is no option for color wheel or color temperature scale in Zone Control.

Description/Explanation of Issue

In addition to patching the fixture type in the EDMXC configuration, you need to assignt he zone type in the EchoAccess Interface or Echo Expansion Bridge configuration.


  1. Navigate to the configuration tab of EchoAccess and choose the EchoAccess Interface or Echo Expansion Bridge you are connected through.
  2. Navigate to page 2 and scroll down to the Zone Info section.
  3. For type, choose between intensity, color, studio, and color temperature.
  4. Navigate to the Zone Control tab and you should now see the respective icon above the zone's percentage on the right side of the screen.
    1. If intensity type is chosen, there will be no icon.

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