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Echo DMX Scene Controller and Space Raise Control


I am capable of recording and playing back presets through my Echo DMX Scene Controller (EDMXC), but Space Raise and Space Lower functions are not working.

Explanation of Issue

It is most likely that your EDMXC is in Basic mode.  Basic mode serves as a way to snapshot incoming DMX values into your Echo Presets for playback.  However, Basic mode is presets only; it does not understand or respond to any other EchoConnect commands other than preset related.  If you need Space Raise/Lower functionality along with your DMX Snapshot capabilities, please see the instructions below.



NOTE: These instruction require the use of the EchoAccess Mobile App and the use of an Echo Expansion Bridge (EEB) or EchoAccess Bluetooth Interface (EACC) for connection.

  1. Set EDMXC to Custom Mode with Config Mode switch on the front.
  2. Access the EDMXC via EchoAccess Mobile App in the Menu > Configuration > DMX Scene Controller.
  3. On First page of Settings, Enable:
    1. Control Unpatched Addresses – This gives you snapshot capability that will include all addresses that patched AND unpatched to the EDMXC.
    2. Allow Space Actions to Affect Unpatched Addresses – This allows Space actions, such as Raise and Lower to affect addresses patched AND unpatched to the EDMXC.
  4. On Second page of Settings, set profile of all 16 Zones to ‘Unpatched’.

If you are using Multi-Parameter fixtures, make sure theys are in a Virtual Intensity Mode, such as 1channel, or RGB.  A mode with a standalone Intensity parameter may cause your fixtures to fade twice as fast in a Raise/Lower situation. Also be cautious of Strobe options.  Space Raise/Lower will affect addresses 1-512, so if there is a strobe channel, it will respond.

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