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Should An EchoAccess Interface See Devices On All Segments Of An Echo Expansion Bridge?


I have an EchoAccess Interface wired to EchoConnect Segment 1 on an Echo Expansion Bridge. When I am connected to this EchoAccess Interface, however, I am unable to view devices connected to Segments 2-4 on the same Echo Expansion Bridge. 


An EchoAccess Interface is only able to discover devices connected on the same segment of an Echo Expansion Bridge. 

If you need to see all devices on all segments of an Echo Expansion Bridge, please connect your EchoAccess App to the bridge instead of the EchoAccess Interface. 

Connect a third party wireless access point to the Echo Expansion Bridge to make it discoverable by your device running the EchoAccess App. Click the link below for more information on this setup. 


Echo Expansion Bridge Installation Guide [CLICK HERE]


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