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Turning All Lights in a Unison DR on from the Rack


There may be times when you need to turn all of the lights in a Unison Legacy DR rack on to a level directly from the rack.  Perhaps you have lost console control, or for some other reason you need to get lights on locally.

Video Tutorial

This simple video will talk you through the steps to turn lights on directly from the Unison rack.


Text Tutorial

Unison Legacy Buttons.png

First you will need to push and hold the area for “Unison Menu Activate.”  This is just above the Unison logo.

When the screen says Menu [Stat] you can release that button.

Next use the up arrow to go to Menu [Set All]. 

Press Enter (right) then hold up until it says 255.  This will drive every circuit to full.  You can use up and down to set another value and that will dim the lights.


When you are done and exit, you will be prompted to restore DMX.  Please choose YES.

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