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Legacy Unison Software Release Dates and Details

Here is a timeline of Legacy Unison Light Manager software releases:

Processor Version Light Manager Version Processors Release Date Notes
PRE CE versions
1.2 1.2 UPSAC and Power Supply   -Zones default to Replace, must be in Snapshot to Record
1.3 1.3 UPSAC and Power Supply January 1997  
1.3Q 1.3Q UPSAC and Power Supply May 1997  
1.4 1.4 Pre-CE CME/CMEi/CMd/CMEd    
1.41 1.41 Pre-CE CME/CMEi/CMd/CMEd October 1997  
1.5 1.5 Pre-CE CME/CMEi/CMd/CMEd August 1998  
CE versions
1.55 1.5 CE CME/CMEi/CMd/CMEd July 1999 -LCD is now Backlit on processors.
-Aux power is now 24vdc instead of 12vdc
1.65 1.65 CE CME/CMEi/CMd/CMEd June 2000 -Must Select Process/Address even on CMEd.
-Hourly Save even on CMEd
1.8 1.8 CE CME/CMEi/CMd/CMEd March 2001 -Default DMX Input Mode Changed to Pile-On
-Non-Recordable Off
-Net2 v2 Compatible
-CSV Inport & Export
-Hourly save returns to 5 mins after the hour.
1.8.02 1.8.02 CE CME/CMEi/CMd/CMEd February 2002 -Network Settings DMX In Local Priority checkbox enables DMX input
-Startup removes timing from timed events, plays the days in sequence, Fades from butter 3sec.
-Obsession 5.0.2 compatible/Net2 v2.1   CE CME/CMEi/CMd/CMEd   - Specific network settings designed for Disney
1.8.4 1.8.4 CE CME/CMEi/CMd/CMEd October 2002 -Emphasis 1.0.0 compatible/Net2 v3 (not Obsession)
-Adds software version to Job Info.  Fills in its own number if blank.
1.9.0 1.9.0 CE CME/CMEi/CMd/CMEd July 2003 -EDMX HTP Merging
-Emphasis 1.4 / Obsession 5.1 / Net2 v4
1.9.1 1.9.1 CE CME/CMEi/CMd/CMEd November 2004 -Can Open 1.9.2 configs
-Bi-Directional USAP
-Added AV/Serial Interface
-Parsing Configs by Section
-New Macro Options 'Record Preset' & 'Execute ETCNet2 Console Macro'
-Douglas WPS-5951/WPS-5921 Lon Photo Sensor Compatibility
1.9.2 1.9.2 CE CME/CMEi/CMd/CMEd May 2005 -Configs can be opened in 1.9.1
1.9.3 1.9.2 CE CME/CMEi/CMd/CMEd October 2008 -Updated Daylight Saving dates in accordance with US Energy Policy Act of 2005, which went into effect in 2007.


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