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Legacy Unison Processor Part Numbers and Nomenclature

Following is a guide to the part numbers and explanations of the naming conventions for Legacy Unison Processors.


7083A1004-x Processors for DR racks (Dimmer Racks – The processor includes a dimming engine):



-1            CMd                                      (This model does not support Unison stations)

-2            CMBd                                                    CM = Control Module.  B, M, E are Basic, Mid, and Extended

-3            CMMd                                                  (This has to do with number of stations supported and

-4            CMEd                                                    how much memory for configuration the processor has)

-5            CE CMd                                                d = dimming engine

-6            CE CMEd                              (CE Compliant processor -- 24V Link Power instead of 12V) 


7080A1011-x Processors for ER racks (External Processing Racks – The processor does not include a dimming engine):

-1            CMB

-2            CMM

-3            CME

-4            CMEi                                                      i = network connectivity

-5            CE CME

-6            CE CMEi




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