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Local Zones Off

When a Unison CME/CMEd/CME is reset, the current DMX512 output levels are stored in the output buffer.  When the processor reboots, these levels will return, but the preset will not be playing.  Levels below 100 can then be changed by playing presets, manipulating zones, or by an external DMX512 source.

However, any zones which have a DMX Input Mode of Pile-On that are at 100 can only be turned off by a Unison Preset or by running "All Zones Off" or "Local Zones Off" in the CME/CMEd/CMEi Diagnostics menu (DMX512 input will not affect them). This is because Pile-On is a "greater than" relationship, not "greater than or equal to".

How to Turn Local/All Zones Off

Unison Processor Hidden Buttons.JPG

  1. Press and hold Hidden Unison Menu Activate Button above Unison Symbol on Unison Processor. Menu will change from "System OK" or "Dimmer Errors" to [STAT].
  2. Press the Arrow Down button until processor displays [ARCH].
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Press the Up Arrow button until Display reads [DIAGNOSTICS].
  5. Press Enter.
  6. Press the Up Arrow button until display reads [LOCAL ZONES OFF] or [ALL ZONES OFF] (title will depend on the software version).
  7. Press Enter twice.
  8. Press Exit until you return to "System OK" or "Dimmer Errors".

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