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Backup Active Message on CMEd Legacy Unison Processor


Backup Active may display on the home screen of the Unison Legacy CMEd processor.


This indicates that a backup look is activated/playing.  The backup look is a single look, recorded at the processor, which will play back in case of a DMX loss from an incoming source.  It can also be set to play at boot.

To clear this message, the backup look must be stopped.



  1. Press hidden button over the Unison logo to activate the configuration menu
  2. Arrow down to [BACKUP], press [Enter]
  3. In this menu you can:
    1. Stop the current rogue Backup look (likely the best option in this case)
    2. Record a new Backup Look
    3. Play the new Backup Look
    4. Stop the new Backup look
    5. Erase the new Backup Look (this will leave no backup available, meaning it can not be played)
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