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How To Find the ETC Job Name and Number in a Legacy Unison System


How do I find the Job Name and ETC Job Number in my Unison Architectural Configuration?


The Unison Architectural Configuration lives in the Unison processor. The ETC Job Name and Number can be stored within that configuration. To retreive that information, follow the steps below:


Unison Processor Hidden Buttons.JPG

  1. Hold down the hidden Unison Menu Activate button located just above the multi-colored square and below the screen (see picture above). After holding down for a few seconds, you should see 'Menu Stat' appear on the screen
  2. Hit the yellow UP arrow button until you get to 'Menu Arch', press the green ENTER arrow button.
  3. You are in the architectural menu now. If you scroll through your options using the yellow UP arrow button, you should get the following options:
    1. Setup
    2. Save to Disk
    3. Load from Disk
    4. Diagnostics
  4. Select 'Setup'
  5. Use the UP or DOWN button to scroll to 'Information' then press ENTER
  6. Use the UP button to scroll to 'Job Name' and document the name
  7. Use the UP button to scroll to 'Job Number' and document the ETC Job Number
Note-Icon.png The Job Name and ETC Job Number are entered by the programming technician and may be empty.
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