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Select Processor on a Version 1.65 and Above Unison Processor


The information in this post is provided to assist in troubleshooting. Perform work at your own risk. ENSURE ANY POWER FROM DEVICES HAS BEEN DISCONNECTED BEFORE SERVICING ANY EQUIPMENT. If you do not feel comfortable performing the work, please contact us or your local service center. Be aware that ETC and its Affiliates are not responsible for any damage or injury caused by service of our products by anyone other than us or our authorized service providers, and such damage is excluded from the product’s warranty.

You may find that after loading a configuration onto a Unison Legacy Processor v1.65 or higher, it does not immediately output data.  This is because it needs to have it's address set so that it knows which processor in the system it is. 

How to Reset the Processor Address

Unison Processor Hidden Buttons.JPG

  1. Press and hold Hidden Unison Menu Activate Button above Unison Symbol on Unison Processor. Menu will change from "System OK" or "Dimmer Errors" to [STAT].
  2. Press the Arrow Down button until processor displays [ARCH].
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Press the Up Arrow button until Display reads [SETUP].
  5. Press Enter.
  6. Press the Up Arrow button until display reads [PROCESSOR/ADDRESS].
  7. Press Enter. Processor will Display an IP address on the top line and COMPUTER on the bottom line.
  8. Press the Up Arrow once, Processor will have an IP address on the top line and [Processor 1] on the bottom line.
  9. Press Enter.
  10. Processor will display "Address Set" on the top line and "RESET NOW" on the bottom line.
  11. Press Reset.
  12. Processor will Reset and boot up to [System Ok].
  13. You can confirm Processor address by following above steps, when Processor 1 is displayed it will be prefixed by a ">"indicates it is online and suffixed by a "*" to indicates it is selected.

Video Instructions


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