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Unison Stations Dead or Unresponsive


When press any button or move any slider on a station, get no reactivity from the LEDs on the buttons or faders.

Unison touch screen is blank and does not respond to touch.

Description/Explanation of Issue

This means your station is not powered properly. The issue could be the station, the wiring, or the processor.


  1. If the issue is happening with all of the stations, the processor's station power component has likely failed and you will need to send the processor in for repair.
  2. If the issue is just with a single station, disconnect and reconnection the wire header(s) at the station
  3. If the LEDs on the front of the station do not light up while re-powering, try moving the station to a known good station's position and powering there
    1. If the station's LEDs work there, the issue is probably the wiring upstream
  4. If you cannot move the station, you can meter the power at the station's current position
    1. All stations will have a twisted wire pair for ULP, usually colored black and white. Some will have an additional twisted pair for auxiliary power, usually colored red and black.
    2. The ULP wire pair should read ~42Vdc between + and -. 
    3. Either wire from the ULP pair should read ~±21Vdc when referenced to ground. 
    4. The aux pair should read at 24Vdc.
  5. If everything meters properly at the station, the station needs repair. If the wiring does not meter well, you need to continue to meter upstream to see if the issue is in the wiring or at the Unison processor itself.


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