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Unison Station Not Working


All LEDs on Unison station blink green when you press any button or move any slider and they do not control the lights.

The Unison LCD shows the Unison logo and you cannot navigate to any other screen.

Description/Explanation of Issue

This means your station or LCD is unbound from your Unison processor. All stations and LCDs must be bound to the processor in order to operate, as the processor holds their information. The issue could be the station/LCD, the wiring, or the processor. It is always best to start troubleshooting at the processor.


Unison Processor Hidden Buttons.JPG

  1. Go to the processor, note what the screens says
  2. Press and hold the hidden Unison Menu Activate button located between the bottom of the screen and the top of the multi-colored square with red center until the screen says 'Menu [Stat]' on the left side
  3. Hit the yellow 'UP' button until you get to 'Menu [Arch]',then hit the green 'Enter' button
  4. Hit the gray 'Down' button until you get to 'Setup' , then hit the green 'Enter' button
    1. If you do not have 'Setup' as an option, only 'Diagnostics' and 'Load from Disk', your processor has dropped its configuration. You will need to use the 'Load from Disk' option to load from a floppy disk that will need to be inserted into the floppy drive on the right side of the processor. For further information on how to complete these steps, see the following article: Unison Processor Has no Architectural Configuration
  5. Under 'Setup', navigate to 'Stations' → 'Connect'. This is where you can connect stations that are unbound. It will let you choose a room, a station, and a neuron ID to attach to that station.


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