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Forgotten Password for MTPC or MSC: Restoring Defaults


I have forgotten the webUI password for my MTPC or MSC.

Description/Explanation of Issue

There is no backdoor password for Mosaic controllers. In addition, it is not possible to retrieve the project from a password-protected controller. If you have a copy of the project backed up on a computer, the steps below will walk you through how to restore defaults on your controller—allowing you to re-upload the project.

Be aware the below process will restore the controller to network defaults. All custom IP addressing and controllers settings will be defaulted. This process cannot be undone. Be certain that all necessary information has been recorded and backups, if possible, have been made.


  1. Unplug power or PoE from your controller.
  2. Set dip switch 1 on your controller to the ON position
    1. On MTPC:
      1. Remove the screen overlay. This is easiest if you use a piece of scotch tape as leverage.
      2. There will be 4 dip switches built into the bezel. Set dip switch 1 to ON.
    2. On MSC:
      1. Remove all connections plugged into your controller.
      2. Remove the two end caps, completely disassembling your controller.
        1. This will require a 2mm hex tool.
      3. After opening the unit, locate the secondary PCB. The secondary PCB is identified by the set of four dip switches located on the top side of the board.  Do not disconnect this PCB from the main board.
        1. Set dip switch 1 to ON.
      4. Assemble the unit to secure the PCBs and prevent them from touching one another.

        Use caution when proceeding to the next step.
        Do not touch either PCB while the controller is energized.

  3.  Power the controller on and allow the unit to fully boot.
  4.  Power the controller off.
  5.  Put dip switch number 1 in the down postion
  6. Assemble the controller and re-energize.
  7. Use Mosaic Designer  to assign appropriate network settings for your network and re-upload your project.