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Forgotten Password for MTPC or MSC: Restoring Defaults


I have forgotten the webUI password for my MTPC or MSC.

Description/Explanation of Issue

There is no backdoor password for Mosaic controllers. In addition, it is not possible to retrieve the project from a password-protected controller. If you have a copy of the project backed up on a computer, the steps below will walk you through how to restore defaults on your controller—allowing you to re-upload the project.


  1. Unplug power or PoE from your controller.
  2. Set dip switch 1 on your controller to the ON position
    1. On MTPC:
      1. remove the screen overlay. This is easiest if you use a piece of scotch tape as leverage.
      2. There will be 4 dip switches built into the bezel. Set dip switch 1 to ON.
    2. On MSC:
      1. Remove all connections plugged into your controller.
      2. Remove the two end caps, completely disassembling your controller.
      3. There will be 4 dip switches built into the PCB. Set dip switch 1 to ON.
  3. Power up your controller.
  4. Set dip switch 1 to OFF
  5. Use Mosaic Designer 2 to assign appropriate network settings for your network and re-upload your project.