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Calibrating Phases for DRd

**Phases can ONLY be calibrated when you're using the Smartlink processor (S-ACP). It will not work on a P-ACP or E-ACP**


The DRd dimming engines can only be calibrated to the preset voltage value. Use this chart to know how to set the incoming voltage. (For instance, you cannot calibrate a 277V DRd directly to 277V. You must adjust the voltage to 240V using a variac or 240V power source.)

Rack Type           Voltage
120 Volt Rack         120V
230 Volt Rack         240V
240 Volt Rack         240V
277 Volt Rack         240V

To calibrate the DRd dimming engine, press "2" on the number pad and hold it down as you power up the S-ACP. Then follow the instructions (press Enter a few times). If calibration does not work, there may be an issue with the dimming engine or processor.